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3 young Glasgow Primary pupils with a reputation as being likeable rogues decided that they needed to improve their street cred. After much debate they decided that they needed to have cool nicknames:

Ryan became Rydo
Alan became Aldo
Dylan became ................

Poor wee soul had no idea!!

As a teacher of 30 years I know that, like every job, teaching has its highs and lows. However one thing that has always kept me going is the fun I've had in sharing stories in the staffroom/base - a great way to relieve stress!

Now I'd like all of you to send in your funny stories from all over Scotland, in fact from all over the world, so that we can all have a laugh. Click on the Glasgow category and you'll see some great stories - can you better them?

Just email your stories to me using the link on the blackboard - everything will be anonymous, I'll edit names and places to avoid any offence and post the story on the site for you.

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